First pop-up was a success!

Centennial Center Park

Thank you to all of you who joined our first pop-up event at Centennial Center Park in October. Shout out to The City of Centennial and the Spark Centennial Experience Accelerator program for their support. Y'all showed up in style and decorated the skating rink with such great moves. We were overjoyed with the turnout and the amount of smiling faces. We are excited to be part of the larger skating community in Denver, and can't wait to meet more of you at future events.


Watch a clip of the event on 9News.

Image Description: Fashionably dressed skaters circle Rainbow Dome's installation at Centennial Center Park. Featuring purple fabric walls lined with portraits of queer and trans ancestors. Halloween cut-out shapes of cats, pumpkins, ghosts, and tombstones line the walls. Photo by Kennedy Cottrell.

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Merchandise Available Online

Rainbow Dome merchandise is a perfect gift for the holidays that is unique and supports local artists.


While we cannot guarantee shipment to arrive before Christmas day (since the mail is so unreliable these days), we ship orders promptly.


December 20th is the last day to place orders, before the shop closes until the New Year.


In stock, we have:

  • Glow-in-the-dark long sleeve t-shirts

  • Stylish, comfy socks

  • Snazzy stickers & pins! 


​​We'll be skating in style together in no time!


July 2021

We are so incredibly excited to announce that we have rented a warehouse space to serve as art fabrication for Rainbow Dome. While we work on organizing pop-ups and other events, we will be working and making from this sweet space. 

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Winter 2020

Our first line of Rainbow Dome merchandise is all hand designed by us to give you a taste of the Rainbow Dome flavor. This is the very beginning of a much larger creative project. By buying these items you are not only showing your support for us and our vision, but all profits of these sales will help fund our first pop-up events.

Be our first fans. Get these limited edition items and start this journey with us from the beginning. 

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